With one million more residents expected to living in the Lower Mainland by 2040, it is obvious that our current transportation and transit system needs help.


Addressing the challenge

The Better Transit & Transportation Coalition (BTTC) came together in 2015 for a common cause to address that challenge, with an approach that would ensure fair, accessible, affordable transit and transportation for Metro Vancouver – and reduced traffic congestion.

Over 145 supporting organizations, representing over 500,000 people, called for improved transit and transportation across our region – to improve our environment, our economy and our quality of life.


Our mission

The Better Transit & Transportation Coalition’s mission is to increase awareness about the role of transportation in improving the environment, economy, health and affordability in Metro Vancouver, and to generate support for investments in public transit and transportation infrastructure.

To support the Metro Vancouver Mayors’ Council 10-Year Vision for transit and transportation, the BTTC fought the good fight in an impossible challenging plebiscite vote that went off the rails in 2015.


Funding the next step – Phase Two

Thanks to the federal, provincial and Metro Vancouver municipalities, there is now funding for Phase Two of the Mayors’ Council 10-Year Vision – an unprecedented multi-year plan that provides improvements in bus routes, rapid transit, modernizing existing rapid transit and much more.

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    RELEASE: It's time to start finding fair solutions to traffic gridlock

    Better Transit and Transportation Coalition says it’s time for a healthy debate – but not an argument – about cutting traffic gridlock in Metro Vancouver; Coalition welcomes Mobility Pricing Independent Commission report as way to start finding fair solutions

    VANCOUVER – It’s time for a healthy debate – but not an argument – about how to cut traffic gridlock and health-damaging air pollution and improve our economy in Metro Vancouver – and mobility pricing is a proven and fair way forward, says the region’s transit and transportation coalition.

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