Bahareh Jokar

Vice-President, External Affairs, Alma Mater Society of UBC

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Bahareh Jokar is a fifth year Political Science student at the University of British Columbia. She currently sits as the Vice­President External Affairs of the Alma Mater Society of UBC. The role of the VP External is to advocate on behalf student to different levels of government, while effectively reaching out to students during times of election. While majoring in Political Science she focused on Security Studies and International Political Economics. Throughout her time at UBC, Bahareh was worked in UBC Housing and Hospitality as a Residence Adviser, in addition to taking on the role of Associate, Vice­President External Affairs before being elected into her current role. Bahareh is adamant about youth civic engagement, and she believes that this referendum is the most tangible way to engage youth/students on an issue that affects them on daily basis.

I know public transit is an issue that matters to students, now it’s just a matter of ensuring that they have registered at their most current place of residences and are reminded to mail­ in their ballots.

Bahareh is working alongside student leaders from across Metro Vancouver to engage approx. 145,000 post­secondary students across Metro Vancouver.

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