Video: David Suzuki says Mayors' Plan has something for everyone


Renowned environmentalist David Suzuki is speaking in favour of a YES vote for public transit and transportation in a video released on YouTube today, says the David Suzuki Foundation, a founding member of the Better Transit & Transportation Coalition.

“I’m just amazed at all the important improvements there are in the plan we’re voting on in Metro Vancouver’s spring referendum. And all for only 35 cents per household per day,” Suzuki says in the video.

“There’s something in it for everyone: drivers, HandyDart users, cyclists — even pedestrians,” he adds. “The planned improvements will reduce the commute times for every Lower Mainland community, especially south of the Fraser River.”

Following his appearance at the Better Transit & Transportation Coalition launch in February, Suzuki, a longtime Vancouver resident, has been lending his powerful support to the YES campaign.

Last week Suzuki appeared alongside David Suzuki Foundation CEO Peter Robinson in a telephone town hall to share information about the environmental benefits of a YES vote. He told the audience that voting YES in this plebiscite is the single most important — and easiest — thing they can do for the environment. This week he has written a Science Matters column and created a video to further advocate for transit and transportation improvements.

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