Fighting climate change where the rubber meets the road


Metro Vancouver residents understand that our region’s high quality of life depends on a healthy environment. Our challenge is to plan for the future in a way that maintains or enhances this quality of life while preventing degradation of the environment that supports us all. Planning for such a future is also at the heart of why we should vote Yes in Metro Vancouver’s transit and transportation plebiscite. It is one of the most important decisions we can make to improve our environment. 


Voting Yes in the referendum will ensure our region grows in a way that is in everyone’s best interest. For drivers, fewer cars on the road means fewer congestion delays. For transit riders, it means better service and the option to go without a car. For cyclists and pedestrians, it means sidewalk and street improvements and 2,700 kilometres of bike lanes. For our region, a Yes vote will create more vibrant communities and a cleaner environment. Traffic congestion is clogging our streets and our lungs. It’s time we took action to make it quicker, easier and healthier to get around.

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- Peter Robinson, CEO of the David Suzuki Foundation



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