Phase One and beyond of the 10-Year Vision

Phase One and beyond of the Mayors' 10-Year Vision

In September 2016, Metro Vancouver Mayors released a proposed plan for Phase One of the 10-Year Vision for Transit and Transportation. This $2 billion plan will bring immediate investment to improve transit services and roads across the region.

Read the plan here:       Mayors' 10-Year Vision

The first phase has been approved and improvements to transit have already begun rolling out. New investments in transportation are being made in communities across Metro Vancouver to reduce wait times, and overcrowding, and extend service hours.

People across the region will see a 10% increase in bus service, 15% increase in HandyDar service, a 20% in rail service, new funding for improvements to the Major Road Network and expansion and improvements to cycling and walking networks. 

Second Phase

In spring 2017 the federal government committed over $2 billion for the next phase of projects. The new provincial government has promised to fund 40% of the 10-Year Vision, but significant regional contributions will be required as well.

If the required funding is committed, our region will see significant improvements in our transit and transportation networks, including:

  • Construction of the Surrey-Newton-Guildford Line of Surrey LRT
  • Construction of the Millennium Line Broadway Extension
  • More rail cars and station upgrades on the existing SkyTrain system
  • Additional expansion of bus service across the region
  • Additional expansion of HandyDART service
  • Continued improvements to roads, cycling, and walking networks

What's at stake

An op-ed by BTTC Chair Peter Ladner outlined exactly what is at stake for our region if governments don't find funding for the second phase of the plan: 

Peter Ladner: Time to make a decision

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