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Your contributions will decide this election. If we all do what we can to mobilize the vote, we’re going to win this election. This page has some resources and information for you to help with the campaign. Your unique url is a link you can use to direct people to this site. When they sign up, you’ll be able to see them here under “recruits".

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Bike lanes
Coalition partners
I just donated
I pledged my vote
Iain Black
Liveable sustainable accessible
Make a plan to vote
New Pattullo Bridge
No is a waste of your time
No is not free
No is not worth the risk
No Plan B
Safer transportation
The Mayors Council Plan
Volunteer with0me
YES for better service
YES for rapid transit
YES for SkyTrain service
YES for students
YES for Surrey
YES to accessibility
YES to the environment

Additional resources:

Membership Pledge
Post card for transit rally
Volunteer toolkit
YES and NO cards

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