I'm voting YES from South of the Fraser

It’s our turn! Communities south of the Fraser River—Surrey, the Langleys (I see you, Township!), White Rock, Delta, and the Tsawwassen First Nation—make up the fastest growing part of Metro Vancouver. Our communities will welcome half a million new residents and hundreds of thousands of new jobs over the next 30 years.

I’m already stuck in traffic every day, and so are most people I know. Commuters and students face long commute times and overcrowding on transit.

For a lot of people I know transit is just not an option.

We need a transit and transportation system that will keep this region moving. The Mayors’ Regional Transportation and Transit Plan will deliver significant and much-needed improvements over the next 10 years:

  • Three new Light Rail Transit lines from Surrey Centre to Langley, Newton, and Guildford
  • A new, safer Pattullo Bridge
  • More buses, more often, to more areas
  • Better roads and better movement of goods

This plan will help me and my co-workers get to work faster. And it will help most people I know, whether they travel to a neighbouring community, Vancouver, or to UBC or SFU. More people will have the opportunity to take frequent transit with an average wait time of under 10 minutes, meaning there will be less traffic for those of us who drive.

This will mean less time commuting and more time with my family. More transit choices will help improve our quality of life, keep our air and environment clean, and support a strong local economy – even with a million more people coming to Metro Vancouver over the next 30 years.

In fact, the Mayors’ Plan will actually save both time and money for families like mine. The average family will save $360 per year by 2030 in fuel, car and other costs and through time savings – even after the cost of the 0.5% PST increase is factored in.

That is why I am voting YES. Join me and pledge your support.

Arzo Ansary, Surrey

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