Let's spend less time stuck in traffic


Why do busy people need to vote for more transit and transportation? The answer is easy.

How many times have we sat in our vehicle, stuck in traffic, frustrated, and wondered: where does all our time go? How many times have we felt the crunch because we couldn’t get on a full bus and the next one isn’t for another 30 minutes or an hour?


Nobody wants to be caught in the rain waiting for a ride while three buses drive by full or watch other folks suffer the same fate. Nobody wants to sit in traffic and stay away one minute longer away from their family.

But most of all, nobody wants to look back on a campaign and say to themselves, I wish I voted Yes; I wish I did more. So let’s do more and vote Yes for better transit and transportation, before it’s too late.

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- Gavin McGarrigle, co-chair of the Better Transit & Transportation Coalition

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