Thank you for your generosity


Dear Coalition members,

Thank you.

Your decision to join the BTTC and participate in the referendum made history. Never before have so many organizations come together, from so many different walks of life, with a common purpose: to enhance our economy, environment and quality of life for the next generation.

You, our 145 Members, brought our campaign to life via donations of both staff time & resources, and money: $261,743, to be exact. It was well spent on strategic efforts to identify and/or convince those who might vote YES!, including advertising, street canvassing, burma-shaving, presentations to groups, public events, phone canvassing, buttons, flyers in various languages and other campaign materials.

We have no objection to any of you sharing your individual contributions as you see fit, or as your organization may be compelled to do by your own governance. We believe it is your decision as to whether you wish to share such information publicly, however, and that it is not our place to make such a judgement on your behalf. 

We remain cautiously optimistic that our efforts have been successful. Regardless of the outcome, however, we are grateful for your direct support and remain committed to the vision of a better transit and transportation system that brought us all together in the first place.

Yours truly,

BTTC Co-Chairs:

Iain Black - CEO, Vancouver Board of Trade
Bahareh Jokar - VP External, Alma Mater Society of UBC
Gavin McGarrigle - BC Area Director, Unifor
Peter Robinson - CEO, David Suzuki Foundation

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across Metro Vancouver

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