Thinking of voting No? Think Twice


Voting yes will mean a tax increase in exchange for a package of transit and transportation investments. The decision to raise your own taxes is not an easy decision to make! 

But consider a couple of points: Voting yes starts the ball rolling on a number of transportation plans that we've desperately been needing such as a new earthquake-proof Pattullo Bridge, huge investment in buses and rapid transit, and upgrades to the Major Road Network. A no vote sends us back to the drawing board, and may delay these projects for years or even decades. Proponents of the No Campaign have postulated alternatives to this plan, but the truth of the matter is that there is no Plan B.

The bigger message here though, is that the tax associated with a yes vote is actually cheaper than doing nothing at all. A new report has said that the average family will save about $360 a year in fuel, car and related costs by 2030 as an improved transportation and transit plan is being built out.


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