Video: Kirk McLean knows how to get to the game

Kirk McLean loves transit

It's gameday. How are you getting to the game? This guy knows.

When the Canucks, Whitecaps, or Lions play, thousands of people jump on the bus or SkyTrain or SeaBus to head downtown to the arena or stadium. Anyone who's gone to a game knows that the best way to get there is on a great transit system - with traffic, parking fees, and maybe some beer at the game, it only makes sense to take transit. 



And just 20 minutes after the game thousands of people are already on their way home on the fast, efficient (if crowded) SkyTrain.

(Dear sports teams: it's a nicer ride if we win.)

So join Captain Kirk in voting YES for a great transit system now and for years to come.

And join the campaign to help us win.


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