I am voting YES for my kids

Metro Vancouver is often ranked one of the most beautiful and liveable regions in the world. We enjoy a spectacularly beautiful and natural setting and our cities are clean and safe. It's a great place to have a family and raise kids – we play outside in neighbourhood parks and the nearby forest (when it’s not absolutely pouring rain) all the time.

And when we want to go to Science World or to visit friends or family, or to get to the doctor, we can hop on a bus or SkyTrain and get there pretty quickly. Our transit system is pretty good, and helps keep the region clean and safe, for us and for our kids.

But my husband sometimes drives to work, and heavy traffic means he’s often late getting home. And sometimes we want to visit friends across the city but don’t want to brave the traffic or long bus ride.

...my husband sometimes drives to work, and heavy traffic means he’s often late getting home

With one million more people coming to Metro Vancouver in the next couple decades, our roads, buses, and trains will soon be even busier, making it even harder for us to get around. We need a transit and transportation system that will keep people in our region moving quickly and safely even as our population grows.

A YES vote for the Mayors’ Regional Transportation and Transit Plan will deliver these significant and much-needed improvements:

  • New trains in Surrey (kids love trains!)
  • New Broadway Subway west to Arbutus (kids really love trains!)
  • More frequent SkyTrains, so less crowding (see above)
  • More buses everywhere, all the time (for real)

All this means we’ll spend less time in traffic and more time as a family and with our friends.

Voting NO is a vote for nothing. It means having no plan for dealing with increased traffic caused by more people moving here. It also puts our family’s quality of life at risk.

More transit and less traffic will help improve our quality of life, keep our air and environment clean, and support a strong local economy and jobs. And that will mean a better life for our children and for their children.

I am voting YES for my family. Join the campaign.

- Nina Fleming, Vancouver


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